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Australian F1 Grand Prix 2019 Results: Valtteri Bottas Wins Opening Race


Valtteri Bottas dominated the Australian Grand Prix to make a perfect start to the 2019 Formula One season, finishing ahead of Mercedes team-mate and defending world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Bottas took the lead on the opening lap and consistently posted the fastest lap times throughout the race. Despite a late surge from third-placed Max Verstappen, he took home the one-point bonus for the fastest lap.

Ferrari were off the pace, with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc taking fourth and fifth place, respectively, while Daniel Ricciardo retired after a nightmare start.

Here's a look at the race results:

The 2019 season got off to a spectacular start, as Bottas surged ahead of team-mate Hamilton early and Ricciardo took an ill-advised detour:

Robert Kubica was also forced into an early pit stop, and Williams struggled throughout the race.

The first retirement of the 2019 season was a fiery one, with Carlos Sainz Jr.'s McLaren suffering engine problems:

While the battle for the race lead quickly settled into a familiar pattern―Mercedes dominated―the midfield served up a tasty outing. Haas had yet another year of pit-stop problems in Melbourne, with Romain Grosjean the victim, while Alfa Romeo's Antonio Giovinazzi held up Lando Norris to such an extent a train formed at the midway point of the race.

Near the front, Verstappen easily passed Vettel, drawing praise for his wonderful move:

The Dutchman steadily made up ground on an inconsistent Hamilton and made a late push for the fastest lap time―holding that honour until Bottas reclaimed it―but never came close to challenging for second place.

Further back, Leclerc had better pace than Vettel but backed off once he got into DRS range. Vettel voiced his frustration with the car over the radio, per ESPN's Nate Saunders:

The Australian Grand Prix turned into a bit of a nightmare for the Italian outfit:

Ferrari didn't have Leclerc pit late to make a push for the fastest time, either, inviting criticism for their questionable tactics.

In the midfield battle, Lance Stroll bagged two points for Racing Point, silencing some of his critics, while Daniil Kvyat won an entertaining battle against former Toro Rosso man Pierre Gasly for the final point.

Ferrari were the big losers of the weekend and have major questions to answer ahead of the second race of the year in Bahrain on March 31. Vettel has won back-to-back races at Sakhir, but Mercedes carry all of the momentum after a great showing in Melbourne.


Discussion about: Australian F1 Grand Prix 2019 Results: Valtteri Bottas Wins Opening Race
Staff Team Registered
I enjoyed the race a lot, plenty of action. Lots of close cars, Norris v Giovanazzi was great. Hulkenburg also on Magnussen made me wince after their history, and the last few laps were really close from Hulkenburg to Gasly. Kvyat also served up some action between him attacking Stroll and defending from Gasly. Absolute top class performance from Bottas, that was superb. Good job from Verstappen as well, with Honda's first podium since 2008.