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    Well.... if they're going to mess up as terribly as that then I'm surprised they're not were Williams is.
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    The point is Ferrari have Leclerc. And whatever happens they are garunteed to do well with him.
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    Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain and Mexico GP contracts

    Monza is THE speed track. It's like football getting rid of the Wembley stadium, it's rubbish.
  4. VFan17

    F1 News F1 news: Mark Webber reveals the real reason he REJECTED Ferrari deal to stay at Red Bull

    I agree, Ferrari weren't exactly world beaters then anyway, Alonso managed to drag them up to championship contenders occasionally but I don't think anyone else could have done so.
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    Implemented Cover photos

    Changed the prefix to implemented since I assume Brad fixed the premissions, good spot JoyFreak
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    Beautiful. Just beautiful!

    Fair point, the reply button is on the right hand side as well
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    JoyFreak here!

    Hello @JoyFreak welcome to F1GRID :)
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    LEGO Technic, Racers and Star Wars Models

    It's Luke's X-Wing
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    LEGO Technic, Racers and Star Wars Models

    Just got back into Star Wars (use to be a massive fan). Was in my attic and dug up this beauty: (Technically not Lego technic but Lego is Lego :p)
  10. VFan17

    Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain and Mexico GP contracts

    Britain (Silverstone), Italy (Monza), Germany (Hockenheim), Mexico (...Mexico City) and Spain (Barcelona) are all out of contract in terms of races for next year. Which ones do we think will be dropped and which ones will be renewed? From what I know none of these are sure shot unlike last...
  11. VFan17

    The train wreck that is Williams

    I don't know, Sauber is a good comparison, but would Williams go down that route? I thought Claire Williams turned down outsourcing a gearbox because they're Williams, so I get the feeling they might fall on their own sword. I can't see Ferrari, Red Bull/Honda or Renault being interested. Maybe...
  12. VFan17

    Who is the worst driver you have SEEN race live?

    Luca Badoer's nickname was Look-How-Bad-You-Are :D Yeah he did rubbish in 2009, Kimi won a race and he finished last. That said you have to feel sorry for him for 1999 Germany :'(
  13. VFan17

    Current domain name

    That's even longer then what we have now (which is pretty good)
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    2019 Australian Grand Prix

    We're hiding our posts so that anyone who come here by accident and hasn't watched the race seat get spoiled by the race results
  15. VFan17

    Current domain name would be good actually